When size doesn't matter

When size doesn’t matter

Before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, social sustainability was in my DNA. Working with organisations on their community investment strategies was once a passion of mine, but it is unlikely I will return to the world of consulting. Social sustainability, however, remains close to my heart and an essential element of my current business model.

In 2010, I was involved in a study conducted by The Australian Charities Fund, Cutting to the Heart of Workplace Giving, which explored the motivations behind employee giving in the workplace. Amongst the findings included confirmation that employee community giving schemes were bolstered when staff could see a strategic link between charities supported and the actual business of the organisation.

“They need to see that it is not just an ad hoc initiative,

but also a strategic and important part of the organisation’s community engagement program.”

– Cutting to the heart of Workplace Giving, 2010.

In the same vein, shared value continues to be a path explored by an ever growing number of organisations seeking to align community investment with their supply chain, benefiting community and shareholders alike. In a smaller, but no less important capacity, skilled volunteering continues to be undertaken by employees keen to leverage their expertise for the good of the community.

Of course any benchmarking model worth it’s salt will tell you that the size of community investment is measured relative to the size of the organisation. As such, contributions made by micro and small businesses should be considered no less important than those made by much larger organisations. It is simply a matter of scale.

The fact that I run a microbusiness should not (and has not!) stopped me from finding ways in which we can contribute to the community, relative to our size and aligned with our business model. Our latest, and by far most exciting, venture is a partnership with Bear Essentials, an organisation similar to a Fork for your Oyster in so many ways; small in scale and run by people who are passionate about what they do and keen to make a difference where it counts.

This partnership will see a lunch delivered to a person sleeping rough on the streets of Melbourne for every adult attending our inaugural tasting event, Truly Madly Eatly. Because we believe beautiful food should be shared with more than just those who can afford it.

– Kate

Bookings and details can be found at Truly Madly Eatly